Korean Language Class for overseas Korean adoptees

          Still afraid of your time in Korea?

                 Just join us!

         Beginners are welcome! Come alone or bring your friends!

 Definition of our class

    1:1 Lessons.

    2 hours per visit.

    Held in the NestKorea office twice a week.

   Group classes.

        # Some tuition is required for a class.

 Benefits that you get

    half of test application cost for TOPIK

    group class is held for every students.

    Cultural experience with teachers (FREE except food)


Download the application form here, fill it out and email it to us at nestkorea@hotmail.com.

For more information, please contact us at 02)535-3217. 

We will be with you to support your efforts. Hope to see you soon!

"Let's Go To Korea"

Let's go to Korea program is designed for overseas Korean adoptees to experience Korean cuisine, custom and culture via opportunities of direct participation and experiences of Korean Living.

This program started in 2011 and has been a great success. Every year Nest Korea organizes a new Let's Go to Korea program for overseas Koreans. The program offers a total package of experience about culture, manners, architecture, history, food and lots of fun of course!

Let's go to Korea 2020 will be held on the following dates:

2020. 09. 10. (THU) ~ 09. 19. (SAT)

Let’s Go to Korea 2019 will have a participation fee of KRW 320,000 (USD 300.00) per person (excluding the flight ticket).

General trip advice:​

 1. Bring sunglasses or cap/hat & sun cream (The sunlight can be quite strong during the autumn in Korea.)

 2. Bring enough underwear because the laundry machine won’t be available during the trip.

 3. Please pack as lightly as you can for 10-day trip. You may not have much luggage space in the van. I recommend bringing a small suitcase or a gym bag for the trip. (weight: 15~20kg/30lbs~45lbs, size: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm – it doesn’t have to be the exact size. Any size of a suitcase that you can take inside of plane would be fine. You could bring bigger luggage for visiting Korea but won’t be able to take it with you while you are traveling with us. You may leave your big luggage in your homestay house or Nest Korea Office!  

 4. Bring versatile clothing. Much of Korea is mountainous and temperatures vary, so bring clothing you can layer for warmth. The temperature is 12~15 degrees in the morning & evening, 20~25 degrees in the afternoon.

 5. Bring comfortable hiking or running shoes. You will likely be doing 2~3 hours hiking when we go to Jiri Mountain. (if you are bringing sneakers, they should be well-cushioned so that your feet won’t feel tired while you are walking. )

 6. You may sleep on the floor with thin/thick mattress in Traditional Korean houses, Farming Villages and at the Temple stay. But you will sleep on the bed in other occasions.

 7. Keep an open mind. This applies to everything; food, Korean manners and customs, your fellow travelers, scheduling, accommodations, etc.  It’s sometimes more difficult than it sounds, but the rewards are numerous if only you put yourself in a position to grasp them.    

 8. Small pocket money. All the meals will be provided. It happens that you might want to buy some snack, souvenirs or other drinks during the trip. You are recommended to bring small pocket money (around 100,000 Korean Won) for such occasions.

 9. Bring your raincoat or umbrella with you just in case it's going to rain during the trip.

How to apply :

Please complete and send us the application form along with a copy of your passport and your adoption file (any legitimate document that proves you were adopted from Korea).

Selections :

10 overseas Korean adoptees who are 18 years of age or older will be selected on a first-come first-served basis.

For questions: nestkorea@hotmail.com

You can download the application form here.

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