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As the coronavirus pandemic has sickened and killed a number of people worldwide, the Korean government has reinforced ‘social distancing’ measures among the public. Our Korean language classes have been suspended to join the campaign since March. We are under consideration to offer ‘Online Korean Language Class’ from early April. For the online class, Skype will be used. If you are interested in the class, please complete the attached application form and send it to our e-mail.

Our e-mail address: nestkorea@hotmail.com


1. How to Apply
-Complete the application form and send it by email.

    You can download the application form here.
-Application period: April 1~

2. How to Meet a Teacher
-NestKorea will match you with a teacher and give you her/his contact number and a class schedule.

3. How to Start a Class
-Your class level will be decided through level testing on the first day.
-Your teacher will send materials before the class.
-You are supposed to prepare a lesson with the materials sent by your teacher.
-The class will be held once a week. (Two-hour class)
♣ You can adjust the class schedule or time with your teacher. 


4. How to Pay
-Tuition fee: 10,000 won per month
-The Account Number: 우리은행 1005-701-127033(사단법인 둥지)


If you have any questions about the class, please call us at +82-2-535-3217

or email(nestkorea@hotmail.com) us. 


Characteristic of Our Korean Language Class


1. Experienced Instructors
-Our instructors used to be school teachers or they have the Korean language teaching certificate.
-They use the standard language

2. Personal training 
-You will take a personal training, so you can receive more careful guidance according to your personal learning style and level.





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