1. Contact us for volunteering (*you must show your actual current residence) 
2. Interview & education

3. Activities for volunteering


1. Contact us for volunteering (*you must prove car ownership) 
2. Interview & education 
3. Activities for volunteering

Tour Guidance

1. Contact us for volunteering (*you must indicate the languages which you can speak) 
2. Interview & education 
3. Activities for volunteering

Translation & Interpretation

Many adoptees and their relatives undergo a lot of difficulties due to the differences in languages.

So to help them, Doong Ji (= Nest) provides the following translation /interpretation services for adoptees and their families.

We can provide these services only through the help from our volunteers, and our doors are always open for new volunteers.

Details of the activities are listed below and if you would like to take part in our mission, please submit the volunteer application form.

Language Volunteers


◈ Interpretation

- Family Reunions: The first reunion between adoptees and their family, other family reunions.

- Media Interpretation: Television broadcasts, interviews, etc.

- Visits to adoption agencies: Accompany adoptees’ visits to adoption agencies

- Visits to government offices: Visa applications, District offices/administration offices, etc.

- Everyday affairs: banking, opening a phone line, using the internet, etc.

- Others

◈ Translation

- Articles: Media articles related to adoption, etc.

- Newsletter: Doong Ji (= Nest) Newsletter

- Correspondences: Letters between adoptees and their families  

- Others

For more information please contact us at : ☎ +82-2-535-3217    fax : +82-2-2043-6378


Korean Language Tutor Study (1:1)


As a Korean adoptee and a member of Doong Ji = Nest, you are entitled to having 1-on-1 Korean language tutoring. 

Doong Ji has a number of Korean nationals who wish to teach Korean to adoptees.


It doesn't matter what level your Korean language skills are. Aside from registering as a Doong Ji member, there are no costs involved.

Just contact us for Korean language tutoring and our Volunteer Coordinator will match you with one of our Korean language teachers.


Once you are matched with a tutor, please remember to:

1) report every lesson you take;

2) please call our office at least 24 hours in advance in case you can't make it to one of your lessons so that a proper notice can be given to your teacher;

3) let the Volunteer Coordinator know If you're not able to continue your Korean lessons.

If you are interested in tutoring Korean, please e-mail us at

If you have any comments or questions, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at +82-2-535-3257 or via email

* Lessons : once or twice a week ( weekdays or weekend ), 1 ~ 2 Hour

* You may arrange your study time with your Korean language tutor.

Sponsorship Support


◈ Supporting goods

 It would be really helpful for our organization to receive donations and goods from you. These are the things that our organization needs:

  - Korean books and electronic dictionaries for adoptees

  - Cell phones or T-money Cards for adoptees while they are staying in Korea

  - Office goods ( Desks, Computers, paper, printer toners, and etc. )

  - Goods for events ( T-shirt, shoes, goods, meal tickets, arts, and etc. )

  - Books about Korea or adoptions ( Korean old fairy tales, children’s books, and etc. )

◈ Company supports

 Doong Ji welcomes corporate's supporting roles on our community and Korean adoptees who were adopted abroad.

 There are a couple of programs that our organization has planed for the adoptees and we need some support from companies. If you are interested in supporting our organization’s programs on the adoptees, please contact us:

  - tel : +82-2-535-3217                                              

  - fax : +82-2-2043-6378


 Donating to Nest Korea (Doong Ji) will help thousands of overseas Korean adoptees visit and stay in their mother country Korea. Your donation to the charity will make it possible that the many activities from Nest Korea can be developed for overseas Korean adoptees.


 Nest Korea would like to thank you personally in our office for your donation. It would be great if you could join one of the great, organized programs to see and experience where we use it for.

 Donations can be wired to the following bank accounts which belong to Nest Korea (둥지).


Woori bank: 1005-701-127033

   KB bank: 499401-01-187622


Concert & Event Support


Without your supports and hard-volunteer work, Doong Ji wouldn’t be here today now.


We truly appreciate all the support and help we have received over the years from you. We hope that you will consider sharing some of your time and experience with us to help us continue to build and support our unique community that touches so many by transcending countless boundaries.


And also we wait for your support on operas, plays, concerts, gag concerts, day Coffee shops, music concerts, movies, sports event and etc.

Part of benefits from these events will be donated to our organization so that it will help us become a stronger organization.


For more information, please contact

후원계좌 안내


5th floor(Olympia Building),

75, Baekjegobun-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul  Find Us

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Donation Account

Woori Bank 1005-701-127033(사단법인둥지)

Kookmin Bank 499401-01-187622(사단법인둥지) 


우리은행 1005-701-127033(사단법인둥지)

국민은행 499401-01-187622(사단법인둥지)

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