Let's Go to Korea 2020

For Overseas Korean Adoptees

Nobember 5-14

Who wants to go to Korea and have the time of their lives?

We are currently taking applications for those who want to explore their motherland and learn about the Korean culture. We will provide you with non-stop fun and excitement for 10 days. You will see many beautiful places in Korea, taste a lot of traditional Korean food, and get to experience many traditional and non-traditional activities. 


​Conditions: 10 Overseas Korean adoptees who are 18 or older will be selected.
2020. 11. 05 ~ 2020. 11. 14


During the trip, you will see famous historical and tourist spots. And also, you will experience a temple stay, riding a rail bike, riding a jet boat, riding a go-kart, riding a quad bike, entering a cave, hiking a mountain, not to mention meeting a whole bunch of cool people from different parts of the world and Korea.​ This program has a participation fee of KRW 330,000 ($300.00 US) per person. The flight ticket expense is not included. (Location Guide : Click)

​Be sure to bring some pocket money in case you wish to buy souvenirs and such.​ The selection process will be on the first-come first-served basis, so please be sure to apply early @ www.nestkorea.or.kr to join this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Once you have completed the application form, please email it to nestkorea@hotmail.com .


​ Please click here to download the application form.




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