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  Taking a taxi in Korea is in general cheap compared to how much it costs in Western countries. However, there are several different types of taxis you can take and the rates vary.
  Be aware that the rates during the weekends increase 20%. Avoid black taxi's (International) because they charge you more than three times the regular, local taxi's in Seoul. Some taxi drivers can speak a bit of English but it's recommended to learn simple Korean words/sentences to avoid miscommunication. If you want to go to a specific address it's better to give the taxi driver a note so he can put it in his navigation system. Taxi drivers don't always know all the fastest short cuts because Seoul is a huge city. 

More information about taxis in Seoul :
  During your visit to Korea it can happen that you totally forget and leave your bag, phone or anything else in the taxi for whatever the reason. It’s common that it even happens all the time to the locals. They even forget their bankcards or wallets in the taxi when they get off. Fortunately there are ways to get them back if you’re lucky! If this happens to you very often it is recommended to take a picture of the number plate from the taxi that you are going to take beforehand or take a picture inside the taxi of the taxi license in the front seat. 
  On the license there is always a picture from the taxi driver. If you pay only with cash and you forgot to make a picture it is hard to trace the taxi you took. When you pay with your card or T-money, it is easy to trace the taxi you took because of the registered number on the receipt.
  So, if you lost your stuff in the taxi you had taken before,  you can call the following numbers :

      If paid by Credit card: 1644-1188 (Press 3 then 2) 

                                                 -> You will get the driver's phone number.

      If paid by T-money: 1644-1188 (Press 3 then press 3) 

                                                 -> You will get the driver's phone number.


   If the taxi driver does illegal things to you like driving the wrong way on purpose or even conducting violence or sexual abuse, it can be easily reported after collecting evidence and the information of the taxi driver. The number for the local police is 112 and they can speak a bit of English (usually basic and some on intermediate levels).




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