Preparation for Korea


In the Korean culture it's normal that you eat outside.
  Compared to Western countries, doing groceries and cooking at home in Korea is more expensive unless you have a family with minimum of 3 persons. Eating outside is cheaper and more convenient for the most Korean people.


​  There are many different types of restaurants with wide price ranges. There is good news for your wallet because eating for under KRW 10.000 is no problem here.​ For the more expensive restaurants the price range will be between KRW 18.000 - KRW 60.000+. If you are vegetarian, it will be a bit harder to find a good restaurant that serves dishes with only vegetables but here's a link with Vegan.


Dishes :
Avoid the convenience store food as much as you can! It's bad for your health! 

     The most common convenient stores are :
        - CU
        - Seven Eleven
        - Story way
        - GS 25

     The most common supermarkets where you can buy groceries are:
        - Lotte Mart
        - E-Mart


  Student areas such as Hongik univ., Sinchon, Hayang univ., Konkuk univ., Ewha Womans univ. areas, etc. have much cheaper restaurants compared to most other areas like Itaewon, Gangnam or Sinsa-dong. Plus, shopping in student areas can be much cheaper.




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