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Living in Korea is totally different from visiting Korea for holidays. Especially living costs could be quite high if you’re struggling with job searching or the Korean language. However, there are some inexpensive alternatives that can help you out for a short period of time and are definitely worth considering.

Accommodation types (short-term: less then 1 year)


  : A student co-housing with your own room including meals. Rent is between krw 400.000 - 600.000

    depending on location and the type of house.


  : Rent varies depending on location. Average price range for goshiwons is between KRW 300.000 - KRW


게스트하우스(Guest House)

  : Prices vary depending on location and the room type. Average price per night is between KRW 8000 –

    KRW 100.000+ per night.


  : If you want to experience Korean family culture, you can apply for a Korean homestay family. A homestay

   duration is usually for about 2-3 weeks and it's a great opportunity for Korean adoptees to experience a

   Korean family setting atmosphere during your stay in Korea. Feel free to apply for a homestay here.

Accommodation types (long term: more than 1 year)

  If you prefer a studio / appartment / officetel / one-room, it requires a deposit, so-called "Key money".

​The deposit will be returned to you after you leave the room at the end of the contract. Usually this is at least 1 year with the possibilitiy to extend the contract for another year. Deposit or "Key money" can vary from KRW 1- 2Million up to KRW 20Million+. The most common amounts of deposits are about KRW 5Million to KRW 10Million. Usually if the amount of deposits goes up, naturally the amount of rent goes down assuming that the houses in comparison have the same conditions.


​  For example one studio requires KRW 5Million desposit with KRW 750.000 rent per month and another similar studio requires KRW 10Million deposit with KRW 700.000 rent which is only KRW 50.000 difference excluding utility fees such as water / gas / electricity / wifi etc.


​  Be careful and do some good research before you decide to contact the landlord for renting a room or studio. Apartments require much more deposits usually over KRW 80Million! depending on location and the size.

Address registration / 주소변경 / 주소지변경

To register your home address at the local government office in South-Korea is mandatory for Korean citizens and foreigners that are staying in Korea for more than 3 months.

You can register your home address at the local immigration department within 14 days after you moved in.

If you don't register your address within 14 days you can get fined.

The fine accumulates on a daily basis. If you got fined you will then receive a certificate of change of address, which can be used with authorities as proof that you have moved to a new address.

That evidence you can use for example to extend your F-4 visa at the immigration office.

Foreign residents should go to their local district office (gu) in person with the necessary documents:

  • Foreign registration card

  • Passport or entry permit

  • Signed lease




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