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  The transportation system in Korea is one of the best in the world. It's clean, on time and fast.
Korea is using a "T-Money card" for their public transportation which you can get in any convenient store for approximately KRW 8000. After that you can charge your T-money card with any preferred value for example KRW 10.000.

  You can use this card for the Subway, Bus, Taxi and even some restaurants and shops! You can also collect points with your T-money card for discount or other events. 

  Don't charge so much on your T-money card because if you lose it will be gone forever!!

  Separate from the T-Money card there's also another subway card available that you can use for 60 rides with the subway for maximum 30 days.

  After the 30 days the card must be recharged even if you didn't use up all the 60 rides. The price for charging this card is KRW 55.000. This is called "Seasonal Korean Smart Card" and can only be used for the Subway. You can get this card in any subway station.

Travel by BUS

  Various intercity and express buses are connected to terminals across the country.

Use of KTX

  It is a quick means of transportation that can move all parts of South Korea within two and a half hours.

Taxis in Seoul

  In conjunction with applications such as Kakao Talk, I can call the nearest taxi to get to my destination quickly.




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