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Nest Korea is dedicated to finding Korean homes for adoptees who wish to know who their Korean parents are.
Nest Korea maintains a powerful network throughout Korea. 

The right information in the adoption file will be a good opportunity to find them in a short time.

To find a family in Korea, please send us the following information :

  • A copy of your adoptive file (Ask your adoptive parents for it)

  • A copy of your ID / passport (required by the police department)

  • Fill out Birth Family Search application form and send it to

  • If you live in Korea, please visit our office

In 2012, the Korean government changed the adoption law requiring the adoption information received from the adoption family. You can download Special Adoption Act.



Nest Korea offers homestay programs for Korean adoptees that wish to experience the Korean family culture.

To apply for a homestay please download the Homestay application form here and contact us 2 months in advance so we can prepare a nice homestay for you.


Airport pickup

Traveling for the first time to Korea?

Unsure of how to reach your accommodation from the airport?

We can help you arrange a free Airport pick-up

from Incheon or Gimpo Airport to your accommodation within Seoul!


  • Must be your first time visiting Korea

  • Must be an Overseas Korean Adoptee

  • Accommodation/lodging must be within Seoul

  • Must complete an airport pick-up application form and submit it at least 1-2 months before arriving

You can download the Airport pick-up service application form here.
Please send a complete application form to


F-4 Visa


F4 Visa status gives overseas Koreans (Gyopos) the right to stay and work in Korea for minimum of 3 years without having to leave the country. It's very convenient for Korean adoptees that want to stay for long term in Korea. Nest Korea can help Korean adoptees to get this F4 visa from the government.


To apply for the F-4 visa you must prepare the following documents (If done in Seoul):

A. Valid Passport (only needs to be shown)

B. Two current photos, 3.5 x 4.5 cm (1.4 x 1.8 in)

 - Need to be same pictures

- Photo booths are available in various places throughout Seoul including some subway stations and at the immigration office.

C. Adoption Certificate = need original (not older than 3 months, see date of issuance) 

- Needs to be requested through your adoption agency in Korea

- Usually available within 3 - 5 business days (Holt only sends it on Tuesdays, so it takes 7-10 business days)

D. Korean Family Registry (1,000 won per copy) = need original 

- Usually available immediately at a district office near the immigration office

- Can be picked up just prior to going to the immigration office

E. Certificate of Naturalization = need copy 

- Needs to be translated from your language to Korean

- If the certificate is not in English, please translate from your language to English.

F. 80,000 won for the Immigration Office's application fees (Every year it can be raised) 

- 70,000 Won have be exchanged into revenue stamps and 10,000 Won have to be given in cash


1. E-mail F4 Visa assistance request to The email should contain

(Only if you want us to apply for the ADOPTION CERTIFICATE) 

  • Your Korean name

  • Case number 

  • Scanned passport

  • Naturalization Certificate

2. Once we receive the ADOPTION CERTIFICATE from your adoption agency, Nest Korea will send you an email      to make an appointment with us for a Nest Korea volunteer to go with you to the immigration office.*

3. Please bring your PASSPORT, APPLICATION FEE and 2 PHOTOS to the Nest Korea OFFICE.

4. Pick up your completed F4 Registration card at the immigration office on the date it is available. You can          also have it delivered to the address you registered with.



It takes now at least 3 weeks to process the F4 Visa. During that time, you are not allowed to leave the country.



Make sure you check with the immigration office about when and where you should pick up your F4 registration card.

F4 visa 1st extension

If your F4 visa will expire soon you can renew it at the immigration office

however you need to prepare a few documents before you can apply to

extend your visa for another maximum 3 years

(Duration could be changed to 2 years because of law changes etc.).

The documents that you need are:

  • Copy of your passport

      (Bring just in case also your original passport to the immigration office)

  • Copy of F4 visa + current F4 visa

  • KRW 60.000 for stamps

  • 2 passport-size pictures (just in case)

  • Application form (You can get this at the immigration office)

  • Contract or proof from your address where you are staying at the moment.

  • 기본증명서 (국적상실 내용 기재된); Family Registery (Showing that you have lost Korean nationality)

All overseas Korean adoptees do not officially have a 기본증명서 (Family registry) simply because your birth parents didn’t subscribe you in their family register when they sent you for adoption. But there is a way to get this.


Here are the few steps you have to do to get your family registry:

Check your adoption file which adoption agency in Korea created your adoption papers. For example:

Korean Social Service (KSS), Holt, SWS etc.

Call them or send them an E-mail (Calling by telephone is recommended and they speak English) and ask if they can send you an updated 입양확인서 (adoption confirmation) document. It’s a document that says that you were adopted overseas with your Korean and International family name, date of birth and the date of when you’re adopted.

Print this document (2 pages) and bring this to a local 동사무소 (Village center / Dong office) and ask for your family registry. Just in case bring all your adoption documents with you. It will cost KRW 1000 for the family registry. After you got the family registry you can make an appointment with the immigration office online or just to call them. They will give you the application form for the extension of your F4 visa.

Foreigners that stay in Korea for a long time should NOT FORGET to register their home address in Korea! If you moved to another place you have 14 days maximum to report your new home address otherwise you will have to pay a penalty fee that can rise up to KRW 1,000,000 if you're not on time!

This also counts for visa renewing. If you forgot or didn't know about this law you can't renew your visa before you pay the penalty fee. Make sure before you renew and apply for the visa that all your documents are ready and that your home address is registered at the local village center!

Download here APPLICATION


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