Working in Korea

Professional career requirements (Higher education)

 - At least an Apostilled Bachelor’s or Master’s degree preferred translated in English and in the Business /

   Economics / Financial Management or IT field.

 - An Apostilled criminal background check from your home country.

 - A local Criminal background check in Korea
    (You can get this at any local police office in Seoul after you got your F-4 visa).

 - A standard health check at the local clinic in Korea (This is mandatory for every Korean citizen that is

   working at a company). Usually every year the company will ask you to do this standard health check but

   this can be different and depends per company.

 - Any type of visa that allows you to work and stay in Korea for at least 6 months. The F-4 visa is the most

   common visa for foreign overseas Koreans and allows adoptees to stay and work in Korea for at least 3


 - Work experience would be very helpful however Korean companies prefer more value on your degree and

    the University were you studied.

   If you studied abroad on an unknown University then you can take advantage with your work experience.

A professional English and Korean resume. Be aware that a Korean resume is different from a Western resume. Usually Korean companies wants to see your "biography letter" attached with your standard Korean resume. In your biography letter you put all the details from your parents and siblings for example what kind of job they do, age, married / non married etc. Also about yourself and you write more in detail the educational background and a bit about your life.

  A valid local bank account however this depends on which bank the company is connected with. For example, if the company is connected to Woori bank and you have Kookmin bank then there is a high chance that the company will tell you to open a Woori bank account. The main reason is for convenience and probably it is more beneficial for the company.




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